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Our lost car keys category probably has the funniest, craziest stories of lost car keys as shared by our customers. At the moment, of course, our customers do not find it hilarious, rather stressful and worrisome. However, when it’s all said and done, many of our automotive locksmith customers report that they ended up learning from their experience and had a funny story to tell in their next Thanksgiving dinner.

Our automotive locksmith techs certainly have come across many stressful situations where our customers had lost car keys, for example, on a hike or at the beach; some of had simply accidentally “buried” their keys in the sand, or had dropped them on a hike into a lake. Others have lost them while packing and had to leave for the airport, with no time to look for their lost car keys. These situations happen to all of us and automotive mobile locksmith team had seen it all. We, therefore, aim to provide these individuals with the quickest, most compassionate and economical service possible.

Our automotive techs approach these situations with the utmost urgency and skill; they carry a large inventory of car keys, car key shells, car remotes, etc. for many vehicles, starting with popular cars through luxury high-end vehicles. Our mobile locksmith techs are able to make a car key on the spot, whenever our customers call and wherever they are located. We’ve had techs venture into quite remote locations to assist customers, for the simple reason that most folks lose car keys in remote locations, rather than on their dinner table…

So, whether you’ve got a wonderful day at the beach with your family (so wonderful that you guys lost your car keys in the sand or ocean) or accidentally packed your car keys in a box out of 40 in the garage, our mobile automotive team is able to quickly respond and provide car key cutting and programming services on the spot.
Security Locksmith automotive locksmith technicians provide hundreds of car key services throughout the week and work on the weekends as well. As a matter of fact, weekends are often our busiest time for lost car key service, as many of our customers lose them on their weekend outing with family or friends. We, therefore, operate on a higher capacity on the weekends, in order to ensure prompt and efficient automotive mobile locksmith response.



Lost Car Keys


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