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Taking Care of Our Comunity Locksmiths Needs!

Locksmith services in the bay area, as everything around us, turn into mobile services, like (food delivery, online clothes shopping, Postmates delivery services, etc.), so does the field of security and mobile locksmiths.

Locksmith Services

Naturally, when a person has a car lockout or a house lockout, they always require the services of mobile locksmiths to come to their location and open their car or home. Same goes for lock re-key, lock repair, lock install and lock change. Most of our customers ask us to come to their location, as their locks, cars, and doors are not mobile, while we are.

locksmith servicesWe are happy to provide the comfort and convenience of mobile locksmith services, where our customers have us come to their homes, businesses, and locations of their vehicles to assist in anything from lock re-key, commercial keypad lock installation to lost car keys.

We have have been servicing the Bay Area Mobile-Locksmith customers for over 40 years. Our technicians are proficient in residential re-key and high-security locksmiths as well as in commercial locksmith services and automotive locksmith labor and parts. In addition, are always intrigued by new methods and skills to advance their education around high-security residential lock installation or home security patterns in general. Our mobile locksmith techs regularly attend mobile locksmith seminars and workshops to enhance their knowledge around all the emerging security designs and mechanisms.

Security Locksmiths make it a priority to become versed in all categories of the trade. We hold our technicians to the highest standards in automotive services, residential mobile locksmith techniques, and commercial hardware and installation. Security Locksmiths is specifically invested in maintaining the safety of the residents of the Bay Area. By providing 24/7 mobile locksmiths service to anyone in need. May it be to make a new car key, install a new lock on a house, or change a commercial lock on a high-security property.

There is nothing that is outside of our scope of practice; we have been faithfully servicing the Bay Area for 40 years, keeping up with all of the innovations in the world of home security, car safety features, and commercial hardware. We are therefore confident that our lock and key services are not only the most courteous and prompt out there but also the most meticulous and efficient.

Our mobile locksmith response time is highly competitive — We operate throughout the Bay Area. We understand that being locked out of a house or having lost car keys are stressful experiences in and of themselves, and therefore strive to provide our clients with a quick and reassuring response, both on the phone as well as with our services. Our mobile locksmith’s techs can often provide small tips for future reference for our customers in order to avoid continued experiences of a house lockout or a lost car key.


We’re proud to offer a wide range of comprehensive locksmith services to all of our customers in our San Francisco Bay community.