Lock Repair

The first rule of locksmith Murphy’s law: the broken lock would always perform wonderfully when demonstrated for a locksmith. 🙂

Whether your house is old and therefore, the locks no longer provide a sense of security, or you just got a new place but your action-oriented and too-excited kid accidentally bent your doorknob — we can help. Lock repair mobile services are usually needed when a doorknob lock does not respond to its usual key or when a deadbolt won’t properly lock or would lock only by exerting force.

This is the time to call a mobile locksmith to repair your home lock. Here’s why: the longer you wait, the less repair-able your lock becomes, which means that instead of a simple repair, you may end up having to change the whole lock. We are happy at that point to provide lock change services, however, many of our clients who do reach out on time can get away with simple lock repair.

We, then, again, recommend that once you notice something is even “a bit off”—to call a residential mobile locksmith.

Our Security Locksmith technicians have repaired thousands of locks throughout the 40 years we’ve been in business, and take pride in both completing familiar work better and better both to tackle new challenges.

There are some cases in which the home lock repair is simply impossible due to the condition, age or brand of the lock. In those cases, we suggest our customer opt for a residential lock change service from the mobile locksmith that is on site. Our mobile locksmith techs carry a large variety of locks to match any door, budget and security need. Again, our techs first prefer to fix the home lock and do hold a huge amount of skill and expertise as far as lock repair goes. And again, in those cases where the circumstance simply doesn’t allow it, they inform our customers of the next best choices for their home security needs.

Lock repair is mostly done on residential properties, such as house or apartment doors, interior bedroom doors, bathroom doors, file cabinets, etc. However, we have been able to assist our commercial locksmith customers with lock repair needs as well. Since commercial locks do usually entail a higher security level, they don’t always lend themselves to being repaired. Those who have — our techs resolved the commercial lock issue and our customers have been able to enjoy long-term benefits of that commercial lock repair. As in residential locksmith work, when a lock fix is not an option, our mobile locksmith techs provide a commercial lock change instead.

Security Locksmith has been in the lock fix business for decades and as mentioned above, enjoys a challenge. Our residential, commercial and automotive locksmith technicians have completed lock repair work on a variety of residential (interior and exterior) locks, commercial building locks, and car door locks.

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