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Lock Rekey, Customers who need a lock rekey usually reach out to us when they are satisfied with their lock mechanism as a whole but notice an issue with the turn of the key inside the lock or even have a key stuck inside the lock. In these instances, our residential mobile locksmith techs remove the lock from the door and work with the lock pins within the lock before returning the lock to its place.

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Every so often, depending on the lock’s age or condition, that a lock rekey is simply not the best resolution, rather, a lock change is in order. Lock change services certainly require a change in the whole hardware of the lock and are either requested by our customers at the get-go or again, are suggested as an optimal solution when a lock rekey is not a long-term option.

Lock re-key is one of the most popular services that we are called to perform. Not only that, but it is also the one that most of our younger customers find intriguing enough to ask our techs about employment opportunities. It seems that something about lock re-key, which involves the extraction of the lock and then work on the pins, that is especially appealing to our younger customers. We’ve had a good number of customers requesting a quick tutorial on basic lock re-key locksmith work! We are always open to new employees, especially folks to exhibit curiosity and attention to detail, so keep in mind that your next residential lock re-key service may actually lead to interest in pursuing locksmith-ing!

In general, as mentioned above, lock rekey services are usually preferred as to residential lock change services or fresh installation work because they are more economical as they involve labor but no new hardware. Lock rekey work has a few steps: first, the residential mobile tech carefully removes the whole lock mechanism from the door. Second, he re-pins the lock cylinder in the lock mechanism to a new combination or adds pins for added security, depending on the lock and on our customer’s security locksmith needs. Third, our locksmith tech installs the lock back into the door. Lastly, our customers receive new keys to match the new re-keyed lock combination.
Security Locksmith makes it a priority to practice the safest lock re-key techniques available. We always provide our customers with all the lock re-key options for the residential mobile locksmith needs before our technicians begin the work so that our customers can make the most informed decision around their home security locksmith needs.







Lock Rekey

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