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There is nothing our mobile locksmith techs love more than being called to a brand-new home that’s just finished getting built to install locks. Fresh installation of residential locks is a fun endeavor for our technicians as they get to be creative with the design and mechanism (of course, based on the realtor’s or new home owner’s preferences). There are new emerging home locks and security systems every year, and with new homes—our techs get to spend some time with these exciting new mechanisms! They enjoy providing any type of residential service—such as house lockout services or re-key services—but fresh lock install is certainly at the top of that list. We work with numerous realtors in the area and feel honored to be called back by them to provide any new home locksmith services. We even got to make new keys for some of our customers’ cars while we were providing residential mobile services! It seems that there is something about getting into a new home that makes us want to go ahead and get new everything!

Other times, customers have contacted us to install a new lock on their home doors regardless of moving into a new home or purchasing a new property. Some of our customers, as our techs, keep themselves abreast of the new security features that novel lock systems provide and realize that they would like in increase the security in their homes. This is where we come in. Many of our services, then, include a fresh lock install on commercial and residential properties that have been around for a while but require an upgrade in security. Both our commercial lock install and our residential fresh lock installation involve deadbolts, Adam’s Rite locks, Mortise cylinder locks, key padlocks, and many more. For individuals with smart homes—we certainly have specialized mobile locksmith technicians that focus on smart home security systems and upgrades to existing smart home lock mechanisms.

Although there is more detailed information in our Commercial Locksmith section about commercial mobile locksmith services, we will mention here as well that we work with multiple commercial locksmith techniques and hardware, and are adept at commercial lock installation for all commercial properties. We install locks at malls, warehouses, high-security buildings and banks, airports, and many other commercial locations that require a specific skill set and expertise when it comes to commercial lock installation and maintenance.

Security Locksmith mobile technicians have been providing lock change and lock install services to residential and commercial clients throughout the Bay Area for the past 40 years. Lock installation work requires precision and a high level of expertise. We train our mobile locksmith technicians on a variety of locks, starting from basic locks to the highest security locks available out there. Our training focuses on residential locks dating back 60-70 years to locks that are currently considered state-of-the-art and most modern. The purpose of the training is to expose our mobile locksmith technicians to a variety of locking mechanisms so that when they install a new lock on a home, they are able to provide our customers with the best and most relevant solutions to their doors and their security needs. Our customers, in turn, are then able to make the most informed decision about which lock install hardware and technique are best suited for their residential locksmith needs.

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