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It’s been said that if you think it’s expensive to hire a professional locksmith,
wait until you hire an amateur.

Lock Change, We live by this saying in the sense that our locksmith technicians make it their priority to become proficient in all things security and locksmith.
This means that our technicians regularly attend home security seminars and locksmith workshops to become familiar with any new developments in the home security and locksmith business. This has become especially important to Security Locksmith techs in the past 10 years when we saw an increase in the number of Smart Home construction and renovation in the Bay Area. This directly affects the locksmith business, as the security system of these homes entails the lock installation of Smart Locks. We are often called to change locks on a home that has been renovated to meet Smart Home standards and practice a few methods to change locks on a Smart Home that both fit the door and our customers’ new standards.

On a more general note, our Security Locksmith mobile techs are usually called to perform a lock change when a homeowner or tenant notices their lock

had become loose to a certain level or when the key does not properly turn in the knob or deadbolt. In those situations, our residential locksmiths offer a variety of locks to either maintain the security level of the home or enhance it. It is sometimes the case where a lock needs to be changed because it is simply old or overused, and there are newer versions of that same lock available. Like any other industry, the locksmith industry and the manufacturers who provide its hardware make every effort to upgrade their locks and general security systems. Our mobile locksmiths, in turn, make it a priority to constantly expand their knowledge of the newest locks out there and any novel techniques that may facilitate lock change, house lockout, or lock repair work.

When customers move into a new home, they often reach out to us to come out and perform residential lock change services for them. It often feels like a rite of passage to mark their ownership or their residency at their new dwelling, and we are always happy to be the first to congratulate them on their new place. A brand new lock on a door can certainly make a difference in the experience of entering a new home, and we are often asked to provide a large number of

samples of home locks, for our customers’ aesthetic preferences as well as their security needs. This actually is a fun endeavor, believe it or not, for our Security Locksmith technicians, as they get to purchase and sample new locks along with the customers. Who doesn’t like to shop??? 🙂

Although not as popular as exterior door lock change work, we have been asked to provide interior lock change services for bedroom or bathroom doors. In these cases, it is often an aesthetical issue rather than a security need. Many customers at times just want something that looks good on their bedroom and bathroom doors!
Whatever the residential need is — maintain or enhance home security or increase a door’s aesthetic appeal — our Security Locksmith technicians provide lock change services with precision and great attention to detail.




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